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Step 1 – Browse through our wide range of products or just search for your desired product on our quick, powerful search placed at the header of every webpage. Use the dropdown menu to choose in a particular category.

Step 2 – While browsing the catalogue, you can select the product you wish to buy in your shopping cart, review the product and click on Buy Now on the product detail page.

Step 3 –Your selected product/s will show in your shopping cart, you can add the quantity or remove the product from your shopping cart. To continue shopping, please click on the bar at the left side or proceed to checkout by clicking on the bar at the right hand side.

Step 4 – You can either be logged in or shop by selecting the product , proceed to checkout , kindly provide us your email id and contact number, the billing and shipping address and proceed to review your order.

Step5 – Please review your order details and proceed with payment. 

Step 6 –After payment completion you will be provided with all the order details and the unique order number used to track your order.

Status on – Order, Payment, Shipment

You can review the status of your order right from booking to completion on My Account section and select My Orders.

   - Yes you can, follow the steps accordingly and you'll get required results.
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